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Tutorial : Apa itu Nuffnang? or What is Nuffnang ~ iDeas come before Learnt

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Baru sebentar tadi, beberapa hari lalu dan beberapa minggu yang lepas ada yang bertanyakan saya tentang Nuffnang? Apa itu Nuffnang kegunaannya?

Jadi saya decide untuk buat satu post berkenaan Nuffnang walaupun sebenarnya dah banyak tutorial tentang Nuffnang ni. Ok, we should start now.

Nuffnang? Let me define Nuffnang with my own words. Nuffnang is actually a kind of advertising community macam Adverlets dan lain-lain lagi. Kira, you can generate income by using this Nuffnang. Mesti lah best guna Nuffnang ni, mana taknya, readers just have to click on the ads and directly you can earn cents. Imagine kalau beribu-ribu yang baca blog anda dan click on it? $_$

So, guys, those who are interested to generate site income and earning by using your blog. I think Nuffnang should be the best way for you to earn more :).

Lets begin.

1. What you have to do is by joining to this site >

2. Sign up as bloggers

3. Once you have registered, Log in to your Nuffnang.

Next step is the procedure on how to put the Nuffnang ads on your blog.

There would be 3 places to put the ads in your blog

1. On your blog header

2. On the side bar

3. Between the content

What you have to do is as simple as this.

Copy the code and put in your respective blog by add HTML script in your template (Page Element) if in blogspot.

Yes, it is just simple as this :), You can see your ads after a few moments putting it on your blog. You don't have to do anything besides waiting for your earning to increase in your Nuffnang account.

The earning will be updated once a week , which is on the first day of the week, Monday. Check your account to enjoy seeing your earning increase.

Earn more and enjoy more :)

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p/s: Hope it is clear . Have a nice weekend



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