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Love your mom? Syg Ibu anda? ~ iDeas come before Learnt

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Saya sayang ibu saya . . . . . . .
saya ingin balas jasa ibu saya . . .  . . . . .
Dia baik . . . . . .
Selalu disisi . . . . . sentiasa membantu >mengajar@mendidik< kita . . .

I love my Mom>>> I just wanted to let you know I care for you my mom, I wanted to tell you that 'I love U'

Syg Ibu anda? Publish this post and be follower! Wah duh, memaksa@mengugut! hehe

Sedikit kutipan daripada Love My Mom
"I love her 'cause she's always there,
To help me up when Life's not fair,

To kiss it better when it pains,
And scrub away the dirty stains,

To make me laugh when I am mad,
To comfort when I'm feeling sad.

And even when I'm down and blue,
She'll pick me up and push me through.

I love her 'cause she's always there,
To be my friend, to always care,

Never too busy to understand,
To love me, and to hold my hand,

To push all other things aside,
So that my needs won't be denied,

To tell me, "No," when it's not right,
To say, "Don't let the bed bugs bite."

Mom, no one can compare to you,
Without your love, what would I do?

I love you more than anyone,"

by Cindy Michelle Wood


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